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Wiz Wits is a technology and entrepreneurial website magazine, that covers current and breaking news in the techno-preneur industry. It provides a unique approach, an unforeseen angle, a humorous, clever,  fun yet educative and very relevant information for the current generation and the next to come.

The Motto is “tomorrows data today” and that is exactly what the website serves, balancing the ever changing landscape in technology, sifting through the noise and buzz to get the real deal that matters today and shaping tomorrow.

That is exactly what the Parent company for Wiz Wits, called Witty Skills believes in. – the use of collective wits and skills, to make the future brighter. Relevant and useful information ought to be published for the world to see. Stay in touch and check on the website everyday.

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WizWits.com A Subsidiary of WittySkills.com

Collective use of Wits & Skills to Make the Future brighter

Email: info@wizwits.com


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The office is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday except holidays.

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As leading Technology enthusiasts, we present our curated news feed of latest news and insights on a broad scale, keeping you in touch not...