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Focus on the next generation is all about empowering the young children with better equipment and facilities to learn in the class room. Increasing efficiency and improving the curricula, In 2013 Witty Skills presented to St Pauls primary school, different ways to adopt relatively cheap and easy to use technology like projectors and visualisation methods that bring a class to life. Project documented on this link done in conjunction with Gadget INN

Witty Skills in early 2013, presented to this school, the different ways in which it can adopt technology to maximise the delivery of education. Most teachers were amazed and appreciated the better approach. They need tools which can help in scheming students curricula, get a better board other than the old chalk board, which they can easily visualise information to the class. Witty Skills presented simple technologies that much to the benefit of the school, aided towards a better teaching environment and curricula implementation. Full project documented on this link

Sampling Dr Dre Professional Studio edition Headphones, these are a top of the notch headphones which compete head to head with a relatively just as good brand Bose headphones. These two got patent issues sometime back in 2015 and fortunate enough, they settled out of court. Gadget Inn the company is always on its feet, reviewing, analysing and supplying consumer driven technology.

Back in 2011, when Dr Dre Earphones became a trendy life style, Gadget INN as always, got the first time hands on experience. Just for fun video. How ever it is worth while to note in 2015, the company Beats By Dre was bought for a whooping $3 Billion. Its totally amazing how a unique blend of lifestyle, pop culture can create something of so much value.


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The issue is now ever-present in every digital users mind, is my phone secure, is my data online kept private, can cloud computing be...