Apple, Google, Facebook might be wrong

Mesh of Technology Network
Mesh of Technology Network

The issue is now ever-present in every digital users mind, is my phone secure, is my data online kept private, can cloud computing be trusted. These are just but a few of the wearies that surround users’ privacy concerns. if that is not enough the policy makers are on their feet everyday for regulations in this fast paced technological world which are not so easy to catch up on, and to top it all up, security itself is the hallmark of the biggest technological strength and weakness.

Everyday millions of messages are sent online, so many chat applications are out there. Millions of pictures are exchanged throughout the world, basically every niche of our lives now has a digital aspect, which in most cases a digital signal can be traced, and intervened, hence jeopardising integrity of the whole data system, in turn compromising digital lives. How ever to make all users safe and protected, flow of data has been encrypted, sealed both ends from sender to receiver. Most C.E.O’s have agreed and made it public knowledge that they will not allow back door access to technology used by the public. Which brings the first question,

What if Aliens use our technology and we wont even be aware of it ?

Yes, the possibility of aliens is very real and to make matters worse, our technology is now so widespread that these unknown entities might and most probably already got hold of it. Any scientist who acknowledges the existence of Aliens would not refute this possibility. Among the millions of inter connected devices, social account profiles and billions of users, are they all humans. it’s a tough question but very necessary to comprehend.

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In trying to protect ourselves, we might be over looking aspects that need to be considered. Are we protecting everyone as human beings on planet earth or there are some unknown foreign entities from extra terrestrial origins hiding behind our very own protection and privacy rights.

This makes it a bit complicated as to how to identify the unknown beings and simply protect human beings. The measures taken by technology giants are necessary to alleviate unknown entities in technology systems that might not be humans such as robots and bot nets by using systems such as CAPTCHA, two-step identification and sentimental based human questions for added security. However these remain the highest forms of security we can use but it still remains that

Without a backdoor, we are essentially defenceless to our own technology

Imagine a scenario where aliens have already grasped all the technologies that we use and might be a significant threat to human society, what will we do to stop them. Once any high level intruder gets into the core of our technology systems we automatically become defenceless.

To make matters worse, we are designing these technology systems without a back door to access them when the worse comes. One of the big CEO’s said back doors are not necessary, once its built, it will serve both the good and the bad people. Yes, indeed to a certain extent that is outwardly right, but biggest refute towards that is in almost everything on earth Good and bad exists hence its not an excuse to not build a back door access in technology devices.

In everything on Earth, Good and Bad Exists.

The balance for good and bad is what makes us humans, when we become so afraid of the bad, it is that fear that will offset the balance and in so trying to protect ourselves we end up in a bigger mess than we intended or prepared for. To a certain extent the law is carefully treading on these controversial issues, there are so many points to consider and best way to proceed is a bit more complicated than just protecting users rights. The technological giants may come together and defend themselves in not building a back door but are they really sure and confident that we wont need it in the future. They may play a big role now in deciding technology policies but when public safety becomes a significant threat, will the same companies guarantee it just as much as they want to protect users rights ? We all know in technology, there is always a way very good hackers can penetrate even the well protected systems, when all this data stored online is vulnerable even in the lightest of sense, say 0.0000001% wont a back door restricted to the highest extent be necessary as a gate-keeper and regulator, just in case need arises.

The same fear, most technology gurus confessed sometime back, about artificial intelligence upgrading so much that it will threaten our safety is the same biggest point why its necessary to build the back door in the first place. All systems should have a fail safe, a way to access the core system and back track all that has happened or happening depending on the situation state. Yes indeed, the government has no right to access private devices and at the same time no company has the right to withhold information that threatens public safety but when all the dust has settled in conclusion safety is more important than privacy. If your own family or friend was killed by someone who left his phone on crime scene would you understand the privacy of that phone matters more than the murder case ?

Safety is more important than privacy.




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