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When Gadget INN kept expanding, video production skills became a fundamental aspect to a much larger picture for our continuous growth, This project started in 2008 and become fully matured in 2011 when we mastered professional skill set for great international standard videos. This is an example of our very first wedding video in 2011. Actually shot in rural Africa, we couldn’t be any happier to bring diverse cultures to the world stage.

As businesses continue to grow, it is essential to keep up to date with international level branding and aesthetics, no matter which part of the globe a company comes from, catching the eye is of paramount importance, as every eye counts, be it an investor, customer or potential leads. This is an example of re-branding done by Witty Skills, together with PrimeFx for an African University, which within a year crowd funded thousands of dollars to kick-start new campuses across the nation. Witty Skills couldn’t be any happier. Full Project documented on this link.  Proudly done by with its subsidiary –



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