Your Intelligence is at stake

Your Intelligence is at stake

Think about it for a minute

The Mozart Effect and the Wiz Wit

Plenty of times, lack of adequate information results in a lot of dismay, without proper guidance even the most sophisticated systems fail. This applies to the human mind in many ways than we can count. The more one understands his integrity and how his mind works, the better the decisions he will make and the greater intelligent he becomes. Here are two great tips to increase your intelligence today.

Yes, you can increase your intelligence 
Classic music has been scientifically proven to stimulate areas of the brain required in cognitive thinking, thought process, reasoning and overall performance between the right and left side of the brain, research has been done on mice and the results proven even in human babies and adults increasing intelligence quotient by up to nine points.

Find a classic tune to listen and it will benefit your brain more than perceived. WittySkills founders prefer Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Vivaldi. 

WizWits, a trendy popular technology website, dedicated to providing tomorrows data today, has a significant impact on how you can use technology today and make decisions that will greatly improve your lifestyle, intelligence,career and the next generation. Yes, your children will indeed need more technology than we do today in order to be more successful. Read a byte of Wiz Wits everyday to stay ahead on all things digital, your kids will thank you for that. Bit by bit and byte by byte, intelligence increases with your effort.

Wiz Wits is a subsidiary of Witty Skills, a parent company dedicated to using collective wits and skills to make the future brighter. Click here to start browsing Wiz Wits, everyday,

its a toast to the next intelligent quotient

Liberty 😉

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